“The Craptastic Conversations of the Black Rhinoceros”

Braden at scrape1

Bradon Crocker, research assitant, viewing a dung-scrape mark by a male black rhinoceros.

My research in southern Africa, with colleagues from Germany and San Deigo, on black rhincoeros scent communication is profiled here in the The Scorpion and the Frog blogspot.

The author, Sarah Jane Alger, is a graduate student in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she is researching how the male birds song and female mate preferences are regulated.

Sarah’s is a diverse and interesting blogspot. Other graduate students will likely identify with its mix of graduate student experience and research.

Linklater, W., Mayer, K., & Swaisgood, R. (2013). Chemical signals of age, sex and identity in black rhinoceros Animal Behaviour, 85 (3), 671-677.


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