Back in the saddle…

You noticed – thank you for saying. I have been away.

Zoerita JacksMy daughter Zoerita Jacks was born in early February. During my 10 weeks parental leave, I had plans to at least keep writing and posting on this and my other blog. But the impossibility of daily routines with new borns and preparations to move the family for eight months sabbatical at UC-Berkeley drew me away. And also parental “leave” – hilarious – was punctuated by the usual university works, like post-graduate students’ thesis deadlines and research contract milestones, that sealed the fate of any aspirations for writing. So, sadly, I haven’t been in this space for many weeks.

But that is all behind me. With gorgeous smiling new daughter we arrived yesterday The Bay. I am on sabbatical at last! Zoerita woke me early and I packed her for a dawn stroll to induce her next deep sleep. This part of Oakland, with its treed streets, birds and hillside views is restful – especially at dawn while people slumber. I passed-off the sleeping babe to my wife who too is recovering sleep. I claimed a coffee from the fresh pot and woke my first daughter, Anneles, for breakfast. As I write Anneles is serving me, and her rabbit Bunny Foo Foo, imaginery tea. Its good to be back.Bunny Foo foo and blog

Though not writing, or perhaps because I have not been writing, I am congested with ideas that have abandoned polite and tidy mental queues for a mad crush at the gates of articulation. I am not sure where to start. But start soon I will and with renewed vigour. I will pick-up my presence on Twitter (@Perissodactyla) and Facebook ( too from where I left off…

… soon. Anneles has asked me if we can make pink lemonade from the enormous number of lemons on Grandpa’s tree and a water melon sweet with the Californian summer…


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